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A bit more work on the VT1100c engine

Well with a bit of free time last night my buddy and I worked on the top end of his VT1100c(d) engine. We finished pulling the valve springs and seals, now all we have to do is reinstall the new seals and gaskets and put the bike back together.

New seals!

Tuned up the chain saws

Well after our early October 1+ foot of heavy wet snow we ended up loosing many limbs off our trees. Because of this I was finally forced to break out my 15+ year old 2 cycle chain saw and give it a tune up. New fuel, some extra chain oil, and a new chain was all that was required to get it going. A quick squirt of starter fluid in the air intake and the thing fired right up on the first half of pull.

New toy!

Well after some searching I managed to find a great deal on a second hand L&R ultrasonic cleaner. I’ve already used it a few times on various carburetor parts, this thing is awesome. I was amazing to see the huge amount of silt and sand left in the cleaner AFTER I Already cleaned the carbs!!!

Just big enough to fit two throttle bodies without issue

Paint and priming

2K paints primers and prep

Well I’ve picked up some nice 2K paint and primer for the wheels and frame. I’ve also setup a temporary paint booth to do the painting in. The booth has an exhaust system and plenty of light. I also plan to wear full protective gear including carbon pack respirator as 2K paint is quite toxic. I would rather have this done in a proper booth but I’m trying to save my self some time and money.

As you can see still have some work to do. Such as laying a drop cloth down on the floor and adding another curtain at the entrance.

Welcome to FM Bike Works

First post in the new domain.  Lots going on behind the scenes, but hopefully we’re getting close to showing off what we’re planning on doing.

In the meantime, I’m going to start posting here one of my projects; the restoration of a 1981 Honda CB900c.

Keep watching, cause we’re going to do some cool stuff in the near future.