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Seal and Coil replacement complete!


Finally received the rest of the parts I needed (exhaust gaskets) to complete the rebuild, everything looks great, ran it around the block and it’s running like a champ. I did notice that the right side rockers are making a bit of noise, so I’ll adjust those again, soonish, that said, the bike sounds great and is running wonderfully.

CX500 stator and seal replacement part 2

With all the seals in hand, and a few hours of work today I was able to actually finish most of the engine work on the CX500.

IMG_20140419_105336The new stator is in place and the CDI advance pulser has been removed. I was also able to significantly reduce the number of wires coming out of the back of this engine. So now I have 1 ground, 2 pairs of high speed coil wires. 3 power wires off the stator coil and the neutral indicator switch!

IMG_20140419_105324New oil seal is installed… This was a bit of a pain. the various ’79 microfiche indicate a totally different seal size, so I had to track down the right seal for the job (what a pain!)

IMG_20140419_105415After closer inspection, the shift cam tensioner spring was a bit tired, so when I ordered the new water pump oil seal I also ordered a new spring

IMG_20140419_105443Since I was trying to reduce the amount of oil leaking out of this thing (which wasn’t much) I took the opportunity to replace the shift shaft oil seal. This is primarily where most of the oil drips would come from, that said, it wasn’t much at all and I would only find a few drips after a long ride and allowing the bike to sit in place for a few days.

IMG_20140419_105933IMG_20140419_105941Also, when I scraped off the old rear engine cover gasket I noticed that coolant had penetrated it. This was due to the o-rings which you see above (new ones installed in these pictures). So those got replaced as well.

IMG_20140419_111153New gasket is installed. Time to button her up.

IMG_20140419_114731One thing I should have noted here (which I didn’t get a picture of before reassembly) is that if you have a failed mechanical seal on the water pump, NOW is the time to replace it. It can be replaced while the engine is on the bike and rear cover is on, however it’s not a simple job.

With the rear of the engine back together it’s time to address the oil leak out of the clutch arm on the front of the engine.

IMG_20140419_121324This little seal, no bigger than a dime has been a massive annoyance to me. It weeped oil out right at the clutch arm shaft and would end up coating everything behind it (due to wind blowing it everywhere)

IMG_20140419_121318The seal took all of about 2 minutes to replace, and another half an hour scraping the old gasket off.IMG_20140419_172607You can clearly see where it was leaking…. How annoying.

Any who, with some effort I was able to reinstall the engine on the bike by my self.

IMG_20140419_172624Next step is to torque everything down, reinstall the radiator. oil and coolant, etc. Likely this won’t happen this weekend as I’ve decided to replace the exhaust gaskets as well. They look alright but probably will leak a bit, so I’ve got another set ordered and they should be here shortly.

CX500 stator and seal replacement

The CX500, minus just about everything!

CX500 /wo engineAs you can see, the engine is removed! Over the summer I noticed the stator got worse and worse until I nearly ended up stranded with a dead battery. So the first step is to remove the tank, side panels, foot break, carburetors, electrical etc. etc.

CX500 radiator /w sensor and electric fan modI was pretty pleased to see that the electric fan modification I did on the radiator is holding up well. The paint is holding up pretty good as well, although some has been scratched off around where the radiator inlet pipe is.

CX500 M.A.C. 2-IN-1 titanium wrapped exhaust and headers The other thing was pretty happy about was the condition of the M.A.C. exhaust system and how well the titanium wrap job is holding up.

CX500 engine with rear cover off

Got the engine up on the bench this morning and popped the rear cover off. Man theres a lot of bolts on this thing. While removing the cover was mindful not the disturb any of the seals for the final shaft, shifter, or oil and mechanical seal on the water pump shaft. That said, I’ll need to order a new shifter seal, as well as new copper washer for the water pump (If I can’t find one) and possibly two new o-rings for the cylinder jacket what pass through pipes

CX500 starterAs you can see, the starter gear is in great shape. This reduction gear on the engine is also in nearly new condition, which is really nice to see on a bike this old!

CX500 engine starter reduction gearBoth gears on the starter reduction gear on in nearly perfect condition.

CX500 engine lower rear CX500 engine gear selector starThe gear selector and selector star are both in great shape. This is an interesting design for a selector star, usually you don’t see them with pins to provide the indexing. That said, I guess such a system would probably last a whole lot longer.

The other thing I noticed (which is hard to see). Return spring on the selector shaft came (the shaft which protrudes through the rear of the engine) appears warn, so I’ll order a new one of those, hopefully it tightens up the gear selector a bit.


Timing chain tensioner CX500 Timing chain CX500Checking on the timing chain things look good. You can see, given the position of the cam chain tensioner that the chain will need to be replaced in the next 10K miles, so another job for another time. There is still some room on the tensioner (though not much) and there is zero slop on the chain.

CX500 engine final shaftThe final shaft, with damper assembly is in great shape. The lobes on the damper cam show very light ware, the shift is nice and tight and I expect many more years out of this.

CX500 engine G47 state /w pulsers CX500 engine G47stator /w pulsers (2)The offending unit. Here’s the old G47 stator and pulser assembly. The first thing that failed on this stator was the source coil (which you can see by it self on the stator assembly). These G47 style stators are extremely complicated with a bit of a mess of wiring.

The new stator will be a G8 style unit from a newer bike. Normally you can’t run these in the old CX500’s with CDI control systems, however I’ve replaced the control system with a much better Ignitech black box.


CX500 engine rear cover water pump, oil and mechanical sealYou can see that the oil seal has seen better days so I’ll replace that while I’ve got the rear engine cover open.

CX500 G47 stator (removed)After some quick work with the air tools and some wire cutters,  I was able to extract the old G47 stator core from the rear cover.

CX500 G47 stator and pulser wiring harness

Next task is to figure out how much of this wiring bundle I can do away with. I suspect given that the Ignitech only needs pulser data, I will be able to get rid of quit a few of these wires.  This will be nice as it reduces the overall clutter, it also takes the weigh down a few onces 😉

1979 CX500C, time to sell it!

Well the CX500C is finally completed. It’s time to put it up on the block for sale. Here’s some parting shots of it before I let it go to the next owner


So form the last set of pictures a few changes, header wrap, cleaned =)

Paint day for the CX500 side panels and XS400 body parts

Finally got the CX500 side covers painted, I’m really excited as this is the last major bit of the puzzle on this bike

We also managed to get the XS400 tank, starter cover, and side covers painted. They’re a really neat burnt copper finish and should look great on this ratty old bike

CX500 tachometer noise

Well yesterday on my way out to grab more degreaser for the XS400 project I noticed the tachometer is sounding much like a dying cat. After a quick search of Chopper Charles forum a solution was found. Now I just need to stop by the local hardware store and pick up some graphite.

It’s together!


With a few spare hours over the last weekend I managed to get the CX500 back together. There are many things that I still need to address but I wanted to try and at least see how it was going to come out with the new bars on it and fixed and painted tank.

I still plan on cutting down the throttle and clutch cables, I also need to build a battery mounting box so I can hide the battery (right now it’s just temporary placed near were the old air box was. I think I’m also going to still do something with the seat. As it sits now I’ve re-stretched it and cleaned it up.

One problem I ran into right away was that I found the fuel delivery T-bar leaks from both carbs. This was always a possibility after rebuilding the carbs so I’ve got a set of new o-rings on order from ebay. The other remaining items to take care of before it’s really rider friendly are installation of the dynabeads in the wheels and removal and packing of the megaphone exhaust. Right now it’s so loud it rings and that’s not very nice.

Other than that my bench balance of the carbs worked great. It started nearly right away and ran well enough for me to ride it down the street and back.

Still need to do something about the gas cap, but for now it works. Man… don’t those gauges look great!

Lots of big updates on the CX500

Well there has been a lot of progress lately on the Honda CX500. I’ve got the frame painted with nice hard 2K:

After that I got the new rubber mounted on the painted wheels, they look great!

And I’ve got the new MAC 2 into 1 muffler dry-fit. I’ll seal it and mount it tonight if I have time.

Wheels painted

Well I just finished painting the wheels. I’m going to allow the paint to harden a bit before I pull the tape off and clean up the edges. Hopefully things come out just smashing.

Battery complete

I’ve finished the micro-battery. It’s a lithium ion high discharge fast recharge batter pack. It outputs about ~14v and has a maximum amperage discharge of 24 amps at 14 volts, which should be plenty to get the CX started. It isn’t designed to provide long term headlight and blinking with the bike off, only to get it started and keep it running as needed.

Total weight savings about 15 lbs