Bobber Restoration – Some Progress

Took a bit of time today to install the helicoil.  I’ve been worried about the lack of clearance getting to the cam chain tensioner lock nut hole looking for all sorts of ways to get a drill bit in there.  I decided today that it was time to skip a step and just get to installing the helicoil.  I used the tap and got the hole prepped, and then screwed in the helicoil.  The bolt now fits in there quite nice, just like it should have.

As I was going to return to adjusting the cam chain, I found that the bike no longer turned on.  After some searching, I found the “fuse” in the solenoid was bad, swapped the wire for a new one and everything started right back up.  I believe I’ve got the chain tension set now, but the bike is still sounding like crap.

Not only is there still the tapping, but I’ve noticed hesitation from the engine and a lot of popping in the exhaust (even at idle).  Looks like I’ve got to keep digging into this engine.

I received the new front master cylinder in the mail today.  Got it installed and it looks pretty nice on the bike.  Attempted to bleed the brakes, but it’s looking like there might be a problems with the right side bleeder valve.  At this point, I don’t recommend using the front brake–of course, I also don’t recommend trying to go down the road.

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